Concert Posters, etc. (Pt. 1)

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  Sheet Music, Posters, Singles, etc. 
(someday it may even be chronological)

Had Me A Real Good Time single

Cindy Incidentally / Skewiff single

Cindy Incidentally single

Pool Hall Richard single


Goodbye Summer concert program Oct. 23, 1970
Cindy Incidentally yet again Goodbye Summer concert program Boston, 1970 poster submitted by Ian Roberts Philadelphia Spectrum, Oct. 23 1970


3 December, 1971 gig Aug 30, 1974 Backstage Pass, 1975 tour
Dec 3, 1971 Hollywood Palladium ticket, 1972 Aug 30, 1974 Backstage pass 03.07.75


September 26, 1975
September, 1975 Japanese tour poster Hit Parader cover Circus magazine, 1973


Rolling Stone, 1970 Rolling Stone, 1972 Rolling Stone, featuring Britt and Rod Rolling Stone, 1976



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