Chords to "You're So Rude"

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Miss Judy's Farm
(Ronald David Wood and Roderick David Stewart)

Dm7        D             Dm7         D
Miss Judy,       she was    moody

Dm7     Dm7                   D                Dm7       D
ran a     sweaty farm in    old Alabam

Dm7         D          Dm7                     D
I was just eighteen,         crude and mean

       Dm7                 D
All I needed was to get my own way.

Dm7        D         Dm7        D         Dm7        D         Dm7        D         Dm7

D              D                 Dm7         D        Dm7                 D                 Dm7       D
Miss Judy,    she could have me         any hour of the working day

          Dm7                 D             Dm7         D
She'd send me in the corn field, mid-afternoon

       Dm7         D   
Said "Son, its all part of your job"

         Dm7             D         Dm7
Miss Judy had a p'roxide poodle

D                   Dm7                 D                     Dm7     D 
That I would kick if I was given the chance

     Dm7                 D                 Dm7                 D
Madam wasn't amused by the kindness I used

   Dm7                 D                     Dm7
I was whipped in the barn until dawn

D        Dm7         D        Dm7         D        Dm7         D        Dm7         D

   Dm7     D             Dm7   
Last summer     we was restless,

D                 Dm7                     D                                 Dm7
Were gonna make a stand and burn down your farm

D            Dm7             D             Dm7         D
But it was all in the head 'cause out in the yard

Dm7                 D                     Dm7
Miss Judy had the National Guard

D                 Dm7                D         Dm7
We was beat before we started.

D              Dm7     D   
        Miss Judy         she was moody

     Dm7         D
But she always did get her own way S

Dm7              D 
        Stage a fight, get it right

Kick her when she's down

Dm7        D         F        Em         Dm7        D


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