Mac's very own home away from home.

Billy Bragg and the Blokes      Billy's official site, full of input.

Billy and the Blokes Webcast    April 23 2002 at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, Canada.  Streaming video clips.

Billy and the Blokes Webcast    Another webcast, from the Music Hall in Toronto, 8 October 2000.

Acoustic Café      Billy Bragg - from the Acoustic Café Archives.  Includes Mermaid Avenue songs, backstage interview with Billy, and live recording with the Blokes of  'All You Fascists.'

The Saxon Pub      Mac's home away from home away from home, and where he gigs whilst in Austin.

Austin City Search      Plenty of news concerning Austin, including reviews of Bump Band gigs.

City Search: Mac's Picks      Mac's pick of New Orleans... err, Austin

All Music Guide      Mac's entry on the All Music website

20 Questions with Mac      A feature from the Philadelphia City Paper.

Austin Chronicle Music      A review of Best of British

CitySearch: Austin      Mac shares his reviews on Austin nightlife

PopMatters      another review of Best of British      Mac on Hammonds

GeoSound    an archived interview with Mac 

GetReadyToRock     10Q with Mac


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