Ronnie Lane

Ronnie Lane Chords

Anymore for Anymore (1974)

  1. How Come (Lane, Westlake)
  2. Careless Love (Trad.)
  3. Don't You Cry for Me (Lane)
  4. Bye and Bye (Gonna See the King) (Lane)
  5. Silk Stockings (Lane, Westlake)
  6. The Poacher (Lane)        
  7. Roll On Babe (D. Adams)
  8. Tell Everyone (Lane)
  9. Amelia Earhart's Last Flight (McEnery, McPhali)
  10. Anymore for Anymore (Lane, Lambert)
  11. Done This One Before (Lane)

Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance (1975)

  1. Little Bit of Nothing (Lane)
  2. Stone (Lane)
  3. Bottle of Brandy (Isaacs Family)
  4. Street Gang (Lane, O'lochlainn, Steve Simpson)
  5. Anniversary (Lane)
  6. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down
    and Write Myself a Letter (Young, Ahlert)
  7. I'm Just a Country Boy (Brooks, Barer)
  8. Ain't No Lady (Lane, O'Lochlainn, Lambert)
  9. Blue Monday (Domino, Batholomew)
  10. Give Me A Penny (Lane)
  11. You Never Can Tell (Chuck Berry)
  12. Tin and Tambourine

One for the Road (1976)

  1. Don't Try 'n' Change My Mind (Lane)
  2. 32nd Street (Lane)
  3. Snake (Lane)
  4. Burnin' Summer (Lane)
  5. One for the Road (Lane)
  6. Steppin' an' Reelin' (Lane)
  7. Harvest Home (Lane, Hart)
  8. Nobody's Listenin' (Lane)
  9. G'Morning (Lane)

Mahoney's Last Stand (1976)

  1. Tonight's Number
  2. From the Late to the Early
  3. Chicken Wire
  4. Chicken Wired
  5. I'll Fly Away
  6. Title One
  7. Just for a Moment (Instrumental)
  8. Mona- The Blues
  9. Car Radio
  10. Hay Tumble
  11. Woody's Thing
  12. Rooster Funeral
  13. Just for a Moment

Rough Mix (w/ Pete Townshend) (1977) 

  1. My Baby Gives It Away (Townshend)
  2. Nowhere to Run (Lane)
  3. Rough Mix (Lane, Townshend)
  4. Annie (Lane, Lambert, Clapton)
  5. Keep Me Turning (Townshend)
  6. Catmelody (Lane, Lambert)
  7. Misunderstood (Townshend)
  8. April Fool (Lane)
  9. Street in the City (Townshend)
  10. Heart To Hang On To (Townshend)
  11. Till the Rivers All Run Dry (Holyfield, Williams)


See Me

  1. One Step (Lane, Alun Davies)
  2. Good Ol' Boys Boogie (Lane)
  3. Lad's Got Money (Lane)
  4. She's Leaving (Lane, Alun Davies)
  5. Barcelona (Lane, Eric Clapton)
  6. Kuschty Rye (Lane, Lambert)
  7. Don't Tell Me Now (Lane)
  8. You're So Right (Lane)
  9. Only You (Lane)
  10. Winning With Women (Lane, K. Lambert)     
  11. Way Up Yonder (Trad., Arr. Lane)


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