Jones Gang Welsh Date...

Jones Gang Welsh Date...

Postby Highgate45 » Fri Jun 02, 2006 11:22 am

Rock legends zoom in on their Zimmer frames to promote charity concert..

Sam Burson, Western Mail

SMASHIE and Nicey would love it - a group comprised of "Rock Royalty" has announced it will headline a Welsh charity concert and festival in August.

The Jones Gang, comprising former members of Small Faces, The Who, Foreigner and Bad Company, are a throwback to the classic era of rock, which is so beloved of Harry Enfield's DJ parodies.

But despite admitting themselves that they are getting a bit old for the rock scene, the group has become massive in the US, having recently held the number one spot for 11 weeks.

Paul Young will also perform at the gig at Carew, Pembrokeshire, which is expected to attract 10,000 people.

The Jones Gang were flown into Pembrokeshire for yesterday's launch at Tenby lifeboat station by percussionist Nick Cook, who is a trained pilot.

Kenney Jones, whose family are Welsh, said, "The first ever set of drums I had as a kid had a Welsh dragon on it.

"I've been to Wales to gig quite a few times over the years, but I don't think I've been this far west before. I'm sure I would remember a place as stunning as this. I'm really looking forward to it."

Kenney Jones is rated as one of the world's most successful drummers, having been a founding member of the Small Faces, and played in Rod Stewart and the Faces. He later joined The Who after the departure of Keith Moon, and set up the Jones Gang some three years ago.

Robert Hart was the lead singer of Bad Company, while bassist Rick Wills was a member of Foreigner.

The band were happy to laugh off their Rock Dinosaurs tag, with singer Robert Hart joking, "We'll have to find a space to park our Zimmer frames, and make sure the disabled access to the stage is big enough for us to get on.

"We might forget why we're here when we get up there, though."

The band also promised not to climb any coconut trees before getting safely to the gig.

Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards was recently severely injured after falling from one of the trees, which he had been climbing.

Despite the Jones Gang still being relatively unknown in the UK, the outfit has all but conquered the US, with the single Angel enjoying 11 weeks at number one during its six-month spell in the US charts.

Their album Any Day Now has yet to be released in the UK.

Kenney said, "We wanted to conquer America again first.

"We're going to see how the second single does there, and then perhaps do more in the UK."

Rick Wills added, "We did approach record companies here, but they seemed a bit sceptical about our advancing years - whether it would sell."

Another international high-profile act, which is remaining top secret until official confirmation, is also in line to appear, with up- and-coming Welsh bands making up the rest of the day-long event on August 5.

It has been arranged to raise money for a new RNLI lifeboat at Angle, in the north of the county, and for Kenney Jones' Small Faces children's charity.

The event in August is being billed as a family occasion, and Kenney, who promised new songs as well as a host of old favourites, said, "I'm sure a lot of the fans from years ago have grown up and got kids.

"But it's still rock. The appetite for that has never gone away," he added.

The show is due to begin at Carew airfield at 3pm, with a 60ft stage, giant video screens, a host of stalls, and drinks and food tents.

Organisers hope it will attract people from across the UK and Ireland and prove successful enough to become an annual event.

Ian. :wink:
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Postby mcnarie » Tue Jun 06, 2006 11:25 am

"Another international high-profile act, which is remaining top secret until official confirmation"

Hmmm... any ideas?

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Re: Jones Gang Welsh Date...

Postby reverendflash » Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:41 am

I see no evidence on any valid sites that the song 'Angel' ever had any kind of chart success on Billboard's Hot 100. I believe this to be a hoax. has never even HEARD of The Jones Gang (do the search yourself). Even if the band made a LESSER Billboard chart, the site should have shown as much.
On what reliable website can this information be confirmed? (Facebook, Wikipedia, and YouTube are NOT considered reliable.)

I mean, it'd be great if a decent old-school song like 'Angel' could have been a hit, but come on. ELEVEN WEEKS AT NUMBER ONE?
In THIS age of pop music when no one over 40 can get arrested? (Have you seen what makes the top ten these days?)
Eleven weeks is almost three months. You'd think that I (or anybody I know) might have remembered or at least HEARD of the song if it were that big (we haven't). I know HORRIBLE songs that I don't WANT to know that have had less success than that.

How ridiculous. And no one's challenging these claims.
I'm uncovering the most unbelievable scam which, ironically, is probably having as much beneficial impact on the band's career as the single actually did.

(And if by some crazy chance I'm wrong, all someone's gotta do is prove I'm wrong and this will all be over. Till then, I'm hitting the web with a vengeance. Has anybody seen Gang member Robert Hart's band xBad Company? Yes, I typed 'X"Bad Company, but he'd prefer you not notice the 'x', so he usually prints it in a different font. Or lets it be missing all together on YouTube. I don't trust these Jonesers.)

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