Faces Forum Rules & Regulations

Faces Forum Rules & Regulations

Postby mcnarie » Sat Apr 12, 2003 4:07 pm

Faces Forum Rules & Regulations:

We want this forum to be as loose and carefree as the Faces. We hope you enjoy this community and contribute often. We also want this to be a comfortable place where members and musicians alike are respected.
Please be aware of the following terms of service:

:arrow: You must register with a legitimate email address to be approved for membership. Please do not register under multiple usernames or emails.

:arrow: This forum represents the members of the Faces. We need to protect their rights as artists. Please adhere to the following mandates:

:arrow: Selling or trading of official releases is prohibited.

:arrow: Selling of unauthorized material such as bootlegs and promo copies is prohibited. Please do not post links to websites that sell unauthorized material. Discussion of unofficial concert recordings is acceptable, but requests for trading should be conducted privately via email.

:arrow: Abusive or offensive material will not be tolerated here.
Please do not attack other forum members. The best way to avoid confrontation on the forum is to ignore offensive posts, and allow forum administration to resolve any concerns.

:arrow: Please see the trouble-shooting forum and FAQ for tips on using the forum. We prefer that you post the URL links to photos and text articles. Please stay on topic in the threads. Before posting a new topic, try doing a search. You may find a thread has already been started on the topic of interest.

:arrow: We will try to keep censorship to a minimum, but we reserve the right to edit or delete posts that violate forum rules and as required for general maintenance purposes.

:arrow: Warnings will be issued privately, and repeated offenses may result in termination of membership.

:arrow: Please contact the forum administration with any questions or feedback.

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